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Platform for Seamless Art Exploration

The aim was to create a space for emerging artists and art enthusiasts to share their perspectives and showcase their artwork, fostering the growth of the global art community and promoting talented artists worldwide.

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Self Project / India Art Fair


8 Weeks
September 2023 - November 2023

My Role

UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping


The India Art Fair (IAF) mobile app is carefully crafted to enhance the experience for art lovers, exhibitors, and volunteers. It's tailored to meet users' needs, offering a seamless, enriching experience. Besides being a handy tool for event-goers, it serves as a vibrant space for artists and art enthusiasts to connect globally, showcasing their creations.


The IAF app opens a door to an immersive world of art, supporting talented artists worldwide.

Business Goals

The State of Art Market report had interesting facts. The collective turnover of art sales clocks in at Rs 880.9 crore today.

The business goals are defined through factors like

  • Foster active participation and interaction.

  • Cultivate a sense of community within the art ecosystem.

  • Provide a platform for emerging artists.

  • Facilitate connections between artists and enthusiasts.

  • Explore revenue streams through partnerships.

  • Introduce premium features for sustainability.

Defining the Problem

The problem with IAF lies in the lack of discoverability and engagement within the existing India Art Fair experience. Users struggle to navigate and find relevant content, hindering their ability to fully immerse themselves in the art showcase.


Additionally, the current platform lacks features that cater to the distinct needs of artists, enthusiasts, and stakeholders. This compromises the overall effectiveness and appeal of the India Art Fair, prompting the need for a strategic overhaul to address these challenges.

Competitive Analysis

Prior to commissioning a quantitative/qualitative research survey, I conducted comprehensive market research to gain insights into our competitors' strategies, evaluating both their strengths and areas for improvement. The findings from this analysis are briefly summarized below.

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Research with the User - Qualitative & Quantitative | Survey, Personal Interviews

We now know  the other big brands in the industry that are offering similar services. I used some information from here to gather insights into the needs, preferences, and pain points of visitors, exhibitors, and artworld aspirants.

The research aimed to inform the design and development of an inclusive platform that fosters better connections, facilitates planning and collaboration, and provides a seamless experience.

Setting the goals and context- the main aim was to understand:

- User's problems
- How the users are handling the problem currently, their demographics and psychographics
- Identifying potential key features the users might be interested in/looking for unknowingly.


The Project advances that by enhancing user engagement, improving discoverability of artworks, and tailoring features to the unique needs of artists, enthusiasts, and stakeholders, we anticipate a significant increase in overall satisfaction and a more immersive and rewarding experience for participants in the art fair.

I strategically segmented users into three distinct groups –

- The Art Enthusiasts
- The Artists
- The Stakeholders

The project unfolded with a targeted approach.


For Art Enthusiasts, the goal was an enriched art fair experience, measured by enhanced virtual engagements.

Artists seeked increased visibility and collaboration, with success calculated through elevated profile views.

Stakeholders aspired for heightened attendance and engagement, leveraging analytics for future planning.

Innovations encompass immersive virtual features for enthusiasts, visibility enhancements for artists, and analytics dashboards for stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored user experience.

658db48b362ea094007a5900_Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 11.16.44 PM.png
Frame 19.jpg
What challenges do users experience when participating in or attending art fairs?
Frame 21.jpg
Which features would users find most valuable in the India Art Fair app?
Frame 22.jpg
When asked "Are you currently using any art-related applications? If yes, please specify which one(s). Additionally, what pain points or challenges do you face while using these applications?" 

1. Yes, I currently use Instagram (for showcasing artworks and connecting with artists).
‍Pain Points: The navigation is confusing, and I struggle to find specific artists or artworks. The app lacks a direct messaging feature for interacting with artists.

2. Yes, I currently use Artsy (for discovering and collecting art).
‍Pain Points: The app has occasional performance issues, such as slow loading times for high-resolution images. There is limited virtual interaction with artists or art enthusiasts.

3. Yes, I currently use Behance (for showcasing portfolios and creative projects).
‍Pain Points: The app lacks a comprehensive analytics dashboard for stakeholders. Finding specific types of artworks or artists can be challenging due to limited search filters.

This question helped me gather insights into users' current engagement with art apps, identifies popular platforms, and highlights pain points for potential improvements in the India Art Fair app.


After the research I got insights into the applications or available tools on the internet our users were using. I used some information from here to see which products / services our potential users wanted to use.

After the research I got insights into the applications or available tools on the internet our users were using. I used some information from here to see which products / services our potential users wanted to use.

Frame 23.jpg
Frame 24.jpg

Takeaway of defining

The platform has to serve as more than just an exhibition space. It is designed to build a community around the art fair. This community includes artists, art enthusiasts, and stakeholders who can connect, collaborate, and engage in meaningful discussions, contributing to a vibrant art ecosystem. How important it is to create a space for emerging artists to share their perspectives and showcase their artwork.

A user-centric approach is required focusing on the unique needs of artists, art enthusiasts, and stakeholders. Understanding their goals, frustrations, and aspirations is paramount in shaping a platform that caters to their requirements.The overarching goal is to provide a seamless and effortless experience for visitors, exhibitors, and volunteers at the India Art Fair. This involves streamlining processes, enhancing accessibility, and creating an intuitive interface to facilitate smooth interactions.

Ideating and Designing

Experimenting with wireframes

Once the personas and the surveys were done, I started ideating by wire framing the solutions. The main goal of the solutions was to make the flow as quick and easy as possible. As the app prioritised simplicity in wireframe designs, ensuring an easy and intuitive user experience. Streamlined layouts and interactions to minimise complexity.

‍Focused on designing wireframes with enhanced accessibility, employing clear navigation and straightforward visual elements to accommodate users of varying technical proficiencies.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 4.07.38 PM.png

Designing the Interface

In the design phase, emphasis is placed on creating an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all age groups, spanning from 16 to 80 years. The design prioritises accessibility, ensuring intuitive navigation, clear visual elements, and easy-to-read text.

The application is designed keeping a blend of aesthetics and functionality aiming at providing a seamless journey for both tech-savvy youth and those seeking a user-friendly interface in the elder demographic.

The design strategy is to foster universal engagement, recognising the diverse needs of a broad user base.

Group 298.png

The main goal of the app was to enhance the overall experience of visitors, exhibitors, and volunteers at the India Art Fair. This objective was originated from the desire to meet the unique needs of these user groups, providing them with a seamless and effortless experience.

The app serves as a platform for emerging artists and art enthusiasts to share perspectives and showcase artwork, fostering global art community growth and promoting talented artists worldwide.

Takeaway from the Project

The India Art Fair project revealed vital insights into the diverse needs of its users.

Through meticulous research and user-centric design, the key takeaway lies in crafting an app that seamlessly integrates technology with art, catering to a wide age users. The emphasis on accessibility, coupled with innovative features like virtual experiences and direct artist interactions, ensures a holistic platform.


By addressing pain points such as limited visibility and navigational challenges, the project envisions transforming the India Art Fair into a dynamic, inclusive, and engaging space for the global art community, fostering connections and enriching the art appreciation journey for all involved.

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